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Accounting services in Bulgaria


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AVD Penconsult Ltd. offers premium quality accounting services in Sofia, Bulgaria at competitive prices. Our goal and mission is to provide our customers with the best of the world of accounting at affordable pricing. Get your reports in english at a reasonable price.

Services offered by AVD Penconsult accountants & tax consultants in Sofia, Bulgaria (accountancy in Sofia, Bulgaria) include:

  • Accounting in Bulgaria, accounting in Sofia, accounting in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Accounting services in Bulgaria, accounting services in Sofia, accounting services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Bookkeeping in Bulgaria, bookkeeping in Sofia, bookkeeping in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Financial reporting in Bulgaria, financial reporting in Sofia, financial reporting in Lozenets - get your financial reports in english according to Bulgarian national accounting standards or International accounting standards (IAS, IFRS). Annual financial reporting in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Custom management accounting and financial reports of your choice, tailored to fit your particular business needs.
  • Financial auditing in Sofia, Bulgaria. Financial audit in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Tax services in Bulgaria, tax services in Sofia, tax services in Lozenec (Lozenec, Lozenetz). VAT services in Bulgaria, VAT services in Sofia, VAT services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz). Corporate (corporation) tax services in Bulgaria, corporate (corporation) tax services in Sofia, corporate (corporation) tax services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz). Local taxes, physical person tax, etc.
  • Tax advice in Bulgaria, tax advice in Sofia, tax advice in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Social security services in Bulgaria, social security services in Sofia, social security services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Payroll services in Bulgaria, payroll services in Sofia, payroll services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Accounting services and tax services for intra community (intra EU) trade, with all of it's accounting and tax aspects.
  • Intrastat declarations in Bulgaria, Intrastat declarations in Sofia, Intrastat declarations in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Financial services in Bulgaria, financial services in Sofia, financial services in Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz).
  • Accounting services over the Internet - AVD Penconsult takes advantage of the latest developments in computer technology to deliver to you a convenient, high quality and low cost accounting service. Most communication with our customers is held over the Internet (e-mail, Skype, etc.) and over the phone, saving you the time consuming and costly visits to our office.

AVD Penconsult accounting firm &  tax services in Sofia, Bulgaria offers premium quality accounting in Sofia, Bulgaria, accounting services in Sofia, Bulgaria, tax, payroll and other related services in Sofia, Bulgaria at affordable prices. Our pricing depends on the volume of your company's monthly accounting documentation, number of transactions in your monthly bank statements, number of employees and other relevant criteria, specific to your business. We usually maintain long term business relations with our customers, with pricing on a monthly basis. Our monthly fees for accounting services in Sofia, Bulgaria are as follows:

  • Small companies - prices of accounting services from 150 lv/month.
  • Medium sized companies - prices of accounting services from 400 lv/month.
  • Larger companies - prices of accounting services from 700 lv/month.
  • Very large companies - as negotiated.
  • Submitting an empty VAT declaration - 50 lv/month.
  • Bonus for loyal customers - free of charge annual financial and tax reporting as per Bulgarian accounting and tax law requirements.

The monthly accounting services fee covers all accounting tasks required by Bulgarian tax and accounting laws. I.e. our accounting services are all inclusive (this means, that once we negotiate a monthly fee for accounting services, you don't pay us any additional fees, on a per task basis).

AVD Penconsult accountants & tax professionals in Sofia, Bulgaria offer an extensive range of accounting, tax & financial services to a broad spectrum of businesses. Our current and prospective customers are in the fields of commerce, services, various industries, construction, transportation, non profit organizations, etc.

You can contact us in a number of ways:

  • Telephone - 0897609012 (+359897609012).

  • Email - E-mail address image.

  • Skype - avd-penconsult

  • Visit our office, located conveniently in the prestigious area of Lozenets (Lozenec, Lozenetz), combining a close proximity to downtown Sofia, fresh air from South park and much easier street traffic, as compared to downtown. The exact office address is as follows:

    Yuzhen park, block 29, entrance A, office 2 (nearby the US embassy in Sofia - see map below). Yuzhen park (=South park) is the part of Lozenetz, right next to the South park, nearby the US embassy.
    For further detail, please visit our contacts page in bulgarian or call us over the phone.

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